Wednesday, January 23, 2008

simone and max's wedding.

simone and her mom:

rian, karl, and mark. cuteness!

beth + mari:

alena + tara:

simone + tara:

obviously, beautiful. obviously, congratulations. on a side note, an unnamed friend of simone's got bird poop in her hair, which i helped her clean out, and then the very next day... a bird pooped on my head! the very next day.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

chile, el resto

bachelorette / despedida de soltera:

estela trying on the lingerie and sexy model pose

the wedding:

la cueca - the national dance of chile

until death do they part ... and everyone have a nice time.

perhaps we will have similar vows. something like
"until death do we part... orrrr until we break up."

kati y tara

dancing with my ladies. arms in the air was a popular way to dance there.

alena's friends from when she lived there.

after the wedding:

because if alena was going to own a shop... it would be a soda shop. of coca-cola.

the gringo bus: on our way to viña del mar and valparaiso. everyone is having a really good time in the gringo bus. especially alena.

the ascensor/elevator in valparaiso. scary if you're me. but cool.

a view from valparaiso after going up the ascensor. see, worth it.

viña del mar. just some ladies hanging out at the beach.

viña del mar at night. we ate falafel.

the last day: alena, a pretty sick tara, and paula. at maritgen's house. maritgen was a co-worker of alena's and was super sweet about taking care of me. gracias, amiga.

en fin, it was a great trip. alena and i travel really well together (which is lucky) and grew in our relationship. it was wonderful to meet people and see places from her life there. the south was glorious, the wedding festivities were fun, and practicing spanish was frustrating and good. its so important in our society to see and experience other cultures, nations, ways of doing things. to see how different and how the same things can be. i am so glad i got the opportunity to go... and it was lovely to come home.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

street art in valparaiso, chile

we took the elevator up:

and walked down:
(finally, queer stuff in chile.)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

chile, part one :: huerquehue

i accidently deleted about 60 picked through pictures, so this won't be as good as it could have, but i tried to recover what i could. after a few days in santiago, we made our way down to the south of chile, to parque nacional huerquehue. by far my (i think our) favorite part of the trip.

christmas dinner with the owners of refugio tinquilco:

refugio tinquilco:

nuestra mejor amiga: Luma, leading us on the 3 lagos sendero/trail

best friend #2: cacique. they followed us on hikes and hanging out at the beach for two days.

waterfall no.1

view from the trail - theres a volcano in the back there. not the one that erupted, i don't think.

¡la playa! oh was it glorious. and deserted.

lastly, one of many sheep in a nearby farm. we spent an hour copying them to try to get them to come closer, which only partially worked. they seemed to enjoy it.

i lost all the photos before this, and for most of this part of the trip, but it was so incredibly beautiful and peaceful, and so relaxing for alena and i to have our own space, and go by our own time.

next installment: street art in valparaiso.